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What is the difference between 144hz gaming monitor and 60hz monitors?

September 10,2020.
What is the difference between 144hz KANGBO gaming monitor and 60hz normal monitors?

Generally speaking, the refresh rate at which the human eye can perceive obvious flicker or delay is about 60 Hz. Therefore, most of the LCD monitors we usually come into contact with only provide support for a refresh rate of up to 60Hz or 75Hz. But for professional e-sports, the picture lag caused by the low refresh rate will become a performance shortcoming that affects the player's performance, so there is a 144Hz high refresh rate display.

In general, the two most critical parameters for a professional gaming monitor are 1ms response speed and 144hz refresh rate, which are indispensable for a gaming monitor product. Therefore, professional gaming monitors are absolutely essential for gamers.
The response speed is usually in milliseconds. It refers to the response speed of the liquid crystal display to the input signal, that is, the time for the liquid crystal particles to turn from dark to bright or from bright to dark, which are two parts of "rise time" and "fall time" , And the response time usually refers to the sum of the two.

At present, the response time of LCD displays on the market has reached 8ms  or less, and some high-end products have response times of 5ms, 4ms, 2ms, etc. The smaller the number, the faster the speed.

KANGBO 144HZ curved gaing mornitor , 100HZ slim gaming monitor.

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