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/2020 Best speaker Lyric Speaker: The sound that displays the lyrics and the way it is cool!

2020 Best speaker Lyric Speaker: The sound that displays the lyrics and the way it is cool!

September 17,2020.

I remember when I was a kid, I basically bought tapes to listen to popular songs. There will be a lyric list in the box. The music industry has developed rapidly in recent years. I think everyone has forgotten the lyrics list that comes with the tape. Nowadays, in various music playing software, the way of displaying lyrics is just a monotonous roller, nothing new. The Lyric Speaker, a visualized sound for lyrics, displays lyrics in a more modern and technological way, which enhances the beauty of music.

This Lyric Speaker is a Bluetooth speaker, and its coolest thing is that it can dynamically display lyrics on the LCD screen while playing music, visualize the rhythm of the music, watch the lyrics paragraph by paragraph, and follow the rhythm on the screen. The above display is very dynamic.

After the speaker and the mobile phone are successfully connected via Bluetooth, if the lyrics and songs have been synchronized, the lyrics will be displayed in different effects according to the rhythm; if there is no synchronization, it will only scroll monotonously; and if there is no corresponding lyrics, the screen will display A graphic will be displayed instead.

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